Monday: Sautéed Broccoli with Almonds

Turn the pan on medium and add a handful of sliced almonds. Dice one onion (or julienne it if you want to be fancy.) Every quarter onion, stir the almonds so they brown but don’t burn.

Once the almonds are golden-brown (or you’re done slicing the onion, whichever’s first) take them out of the pan, add a dollop of olive oil and the onions to the pan. Alternate slicing a head of broccoli into chunks with stirring the onions (or microwave it if it’s frozen.)

Once the onions have become translucent, add the broccoli. Stir every minute for about 5 minutes (depending on how well done you like your broccoli) and then add the almonds. Stir for another 3 minutes turn off heat, add a tiny amount of salt and pepper!

For protein, add a can of tuna on the side.

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